Given the prominence and rise of vests in the world of finance and wealth Andy & Company is proud to present the 2019 Vest Review. Seven of the best vest brands to ensure you are the best dressed hardo on the trading floor.

Ah Chad…

Arc’teryx Atom LT Vest –  $175 – “Arc Vader 

2019 Vest Review

Arc’teryx Atom LT Vest –  $175 – “Arc Vader”

The frontrunner for finance goons everywhere comes in what is arguably one of the most iconic fashion pieces since these stupid chunky soled Balenciaga type shoes that are all the rave now. Arc’teryx. The name alone is exotic enough.  Named after the ancient dinosaur bird hopefully velociraptor cousin the Archaeopteryx,  Arc’teryx is a high end Canadian outdoor company with 34 stores world wide.  Much like our military employs the use of Canadian Snipers in the Middle East you can use this fine piece of Canadian weaponry to your aid in the world of fuh-nance.   The Atom LT is a solid choice because it combines several of the Arc’teryx vest elements (there are multiple styles). 

It is lightweight and sleek but also substantive enough to give you that thermal core you need to keep body heat on the cold trading floor.  Additionally, unlike the Orvis Trout Bum vest you won’t be sweating if the temperature is over 60 Fahrenheit.  It feels almost as if the Arc’teryx is able to keep that insulation without overheating you.  Probably why it costs just under $200.  You are hard pressed to find a better strike package that fits well under dress shirts and is nice enough looking to wear to her house in Amagansett in September.

UTILITY:   9.8/10

DRIP:   9.8/10

PRICE:   4/5

“I ball all through the winter and stunt all through the summer” – Gucci Mane

2019 Vest Review

Barbour Lowerdale Gillet Vest–  $180 “Trap and Yeet”  

Imagine.  You wake up in a massive house in the English Countryside, something Churchill himself or Tommy Shelby would likely chill in for a bit.  Like the iconic Barbour Jacket that exudes Anglo Saxon Protestant/Irish Countryside vibes, the Barbour Gillet vest is the natural complement for crisp air environments along the Eastern Seaboard in the Fall and Winter. While some might say it is a tad much for the office, this vest can be a great accent to chinos or jeans and certainly can pull a look together.  At $175 you will be copping a high quality vest with two clutch side compartments that can hold a white claw in each, haven’t tried to fit two, looks possible. 

This is the vest you would wear for Thanksgiving lounging and it is also the vest you could wear to meet your potential mother in law for drinks at a Rhode island waterfront property.  Wearing this vest can definitely get you called a douchebag but that is part of the fun.  Should you wear this vest if you got yourself a little trader tummy? No.  Can you pull off a “Daniel Craig launching buckshot at pheasant in Northern England” look while strolling past the local watering hole in West Village? Eh, depends if you’re wearing leather as well.  Regardless this classic vest comes to play.  Sleek, timeless, and prickly.

UTILITY:   9.8/10

DRIP:   9.8/10

PRICE:   4/5

“I’m not a gangster bro” – ASAP Rocky

2019 Vest Review

Patagonia Better Sweater –  $99 – “Patty, Patagucci, Patabronia 

Now call me crazy but I am pretty sure Patagonia has re named this iconic vest in the midst of what was nothing less than an absolute psychotic public disassociation with bro culture by the outdoors company.  Better Sweaters? The fuck?  I addressed this in Patagonia Prohibition: A Response.  Anyways I digress, a 2019 vest review would be far from compete without mention of this longtime finance staple.  The OG Patagonia Vest.  Silicon Valley loved it, Wall Street loved it , and venture capital bros wear it at the Starbucks in the Marina in San Francisco while they scope chicks on the way to yoga. 

I am sure the West Coast given its Hipster inclinations hasn’t seen a decrease in Patagonia usage since the “event” but I certainly have notice less in Midtown New York.  Regardless, this multi pronged utility vest is a workhorse vest staple all financiers should have in their wardrobe.  The original Patty is good for cold morning commutes, sales floors, and weekend chilling.  It is a versatile vest meant for repeated wear.  At the end of the day there may be a massive return of Patagonia popularity as branded vests get harder to find and the younger finance generation realizes they missed out on a fashion trend that defined 5 years of finance and tech culture.  

UTILITY:   9.5/10

DRIP:   8.75/10

PRICE:   2/5

“Believe nothing that you hear and half of what you saw” – Young Dolph

2019 Vest Review

Men’s Essex Vest–  $185 – “ Yes M’Lord Millar”


Imagine the morning mist rising off the jagged Northern California coast. You rip into an absolute zinger 389 yard drive off the 18th tee. Your gorgeous blonde kitten wife applauds as the ball rips into the stratosphere with a piercing screech. You are at pebble beach chillin like the absolute deal lord you are. What vest are you rocking around the clubhouse? The Peter Millar vest. A sleek rendition of the classic medieval inspired quilted vest worn by squires and serfs for millennia, the Peter Millar vest delivers with robustly unique color palates and  a slim fit for true size lords. Perfect for the fall time or for a casual Friday when you want to bring a little bit extra sauce to the floor. Combover adds to the look. 

If you are bordering on being considered a “unit”, which suggests over 6 foot 1 and over 225 pounds, I would recommend another vest.  This really is for the slim bois.  Nothing looks worse than a guy stretching out a vest, constricting his trader belly and ultimately highlighting the lack of exercise in his life.  At $185 I personally would opt for Barbour but to each their own. If your name is Allen and you have a jet black combover, play golf, read about French Culture, and keep your khaki chinos pressed at all times, this could be the vest for you.

“They talk. We live. Who cares what they say” – Jay-Z

Tech Fleece Harbor Vest–  $98.50 “Frat Life Preserver”

Remember that fuckboy kid who came into college “ready” to frat but really never got better than a 72/100 on an EA sports game basis? Well he rocks a vineyard vine vest and so does the chode lord in the Brother Jimmy’s basement in Murray Hill New York. I will admit, there is a sliver demographic of guys who can pull it off post 25 years old and they usually already have a little boy appearance. Thin, wafer like boys, who could actually be in the vineyard vines catalog that’s on so many coffee tables from Georgia to Vermont. 

As a general rule of thumb I really don’t think any man past the age of 24 should be wearing anything from vineyard vines with one caveat. They do make some very solid casual button up shirts without logos.  Furthermore in the right situation, perhaps on the Island of Nantucket or out in the Hamptons in September, a well worn in vineyard vines fleece vest may be a welcome partner to a night of lounging.  Outside that, I would recommend you keep this for use at home, a relic of your rascal days when your mom would dress you before the beach.

“Your opinion of yourself becomes your reality.” – 50 Cent

Trout Bum Vest–  $89.00 – “Stream Rat”

When we talk about reviewing some of the best vests on the market functionality plays a large part in how we form our decision. Orvis is an outdoor brand famous for their fly-fishing.  One of my favorite companies. The Orvis Trout Bum Vest is shockingly warm.  This thing will cook your core which is why I recommend it, particularly for cold days or outdoor excursions.  You rock this guy in the office and you’ll be cookin those arm pits.  Another good vest choice to switch up the brands you are rocking during the week. 

Surprisingly the Trout Bum can handle snow and sleet, so don’t forget to break this out during winters harshest sunny days. Much like Barbour you may be realizing that vest brands seem to inherently capture the spirit of outdoor sporting more so than office fashion.  If you ever go to one of them swanky outdoor resorts in Montana or Wyoming you are bound to see some east coast heavyweight fund manager rocking an Orvis Vest fly fishing while his net worth grows by $10M everyday you are there.  All in all Orvis is one of my favorite sleeper picks for Vest of the year and what it lacks in style it makes up for in quality. 

“House up on the lake and I don’t even know how to fish.”– Young Dolph

Eddie Bauer Fleece –  $19.50“Cabin Pounder”

Fucking Eddie Bauer.  What a classic ”dad in 1990 while he was pounding chicks in the family cabin before making everyone breakfast” vibe.  Quite a few of you have DMed me insisting Eddie Bauer hit the 2019 Vest Review List.  Look, Eddie Bauer is controversial to say the least.  Historically I think this may have been a brand middle class moms turned to for most of their young boy’s childhoods outings in the Pacific Northwest. 

Very rarely will you see financiers rocking this unless it’s a 50 year old Managing Director that had them embroidered for his second wedding’s bachelor party in Montreal. Light brown with a fuzzy worn appearance.  Not all that bad.  I personally own a battered Eddie Bauer from my late Grandfather.  Solid vest perhaps only because it reminds us of how far we have come in the vest world. Usually has a super solid American made zipper. Certainly not a vest for formal occasions or stunting on a group of KKR Analysts at Starbucks.  Still, the classic Eddie Baeur Fleece is unbeat for lounging and pounding.  There’s a comfortable frocket as well which has clearly inspired larger modern player’s designs in the vest market as a whole.

“Come on go with me, babe Come on go with me, girl Baby, let’s go To the cabin down below” – Tom Petty
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