Deal Sled Review Gucci Grp. Nv Gucci 1953  –  $690 – “Original Deal Sled” Arbitrage Andy Deal Sled Review 1. A review of the 2019 Sled market would be incomplete without the King of Deal Sleds, the Gucci 1953.  Throughout the annals of finance no other loafer has laid pipe this hard.  The original deal sled is as versatile as it is elegant.  Not to mention, you can literally hear the jingle of the horsebit as you walk.  Financiers everywhere rock these “veiny” style in the summer sans socks.  They wear them with ridiculous chunky rubber soles for the winter and with gator skin on the golf course.  It is a well known fact that once 1953s are broken in, your feet will feel like truffle butter. One of only weaknesses of the 1953 is how thin the middle of the sole is towards the front.  That’s why true hardos will keep their 53’s at the office and wear some LAX Rat Air Maxs during the morning commute.  Anyways, respect the 1953’s, at $690 a… Continue Reading…